Share your Django story, here's mine

March 21st 2024 1650 views • 3 comments

Hey Devs.

I started learning Django in COVID times. I was on my grade 12th ATM. I was into content writing and stuff. I had a site, and there was a tool named "Adsense Eligibility Checker" in my site, where user could fill the form, submit their site, and I'd check if there site is eligible or not. The requests were a lot, and task was tedious.

I wanted to build something where my presence would not be required. So, I started searching for ways to make a tool/webapp. I was already into learning Python, so maybe fate wanted or something, I got to know about Django.

I started learning it. It took me three weeks to nicely learn and 2-3 weeks to develop that tool. I was super happy, wanted to deploy on my cpanel-shared-hosting based server, I had to suffer a lot at that time. But does tons of searches, I deployed it. It got popular, I attached Google Ads on that platform, made a little good money, travelled to places in Nepal.

My father's friend used to do Fiverr in Poland, and she suggested me to do so. I had some old Fiverr gigs added, but removed them (were primarily for Photoshop editing). Add a gig, "I'll deploy Django on cPanel", after 2 days of adding that gig, got an order from a Morroco-ian guy. Delivered it. And my journey boosted.

I kept doing indie dev and freelancing. After 2 years, my revenue were not doing so well. Had to apply for a job, got the job, worked there for 5 and a half months, and US-based company named "Blogstorm.AI" offered me a job with comparatively good salary, started working there. It's been 1 and a half years working on blogstorm.

Now, I am doing full-time job, indie dev and open source. There's a Django rest API framework, that I am working, called Djapy.IO . The journey is going good. I have migrated all my platforms code to Djapy.

I hope to see some new guys in there. Life is good man, so is Django. Have a great day. For suggestions, believe on process.