Is web developing easy?

February 12th 2024 878 views • 2 comments

Hello Community,

In recent months, I have found myself significantly drawn towards Svelte while working on a personal project involving various JavaScript frameworks. The simplicity and effectiveness of Svelte appealed to me, to the extent that I've dedicated considerable time to learning it, subsequently acquiring a good understanding of its tools and utilities.

A thought I've been entertaining recently revolves around the possibility of adopting Svelte as a core competency in my professional career. The subject of my query today, thus, concerns the viability of obtaining a job centered on Svelte usage.

To what extent does the job market favor individuals well-versed with Svelte? Is a transition to such a role recommended, and if so, how challenging is it to secure such a position?

I eagerly await your input and any guidance you might be able to provide on this matter.

Thank you.

There are tons of jobs in Svelte. I think you gotta search it in r/sveltejs reddit or something.

If you want to learn the basics of web development, then it's straightforward. But to become a master in the web development field, you need to go through learning, challenges, and efforts over the years.

It's little bit challenging.