Google Adsense Eligibility Check Please

April 28th 2024 1385 views • 2 comments
adityameena964 a month ago

Quality Content: Create original, valuable content for your website.

AdSense Policies: Follow Google's guidelines and policies strictly.

User Experience: Design your site for easy navigation and quick loading.

Essential Pages: Include About, Contact, and Privacy Policy pages.

Domain Ownership: Use your own domain rather than free ones.

Remove Competing Ads: Remove ads from other networks before applying.

Sitemap Submission: Submit your website's sitemap to Google.

Verify Ownership: Verify your website ownership through Google Search Console.

Apply Carefully: Fill out the AdSense application accurately and honestly.

Wait for Review: Google will review your application; this may take time.

Receive Approval: If approved, ads will start displaying on your site.

AdSense eligibility checker : if you want to check website is ready for AdSense or Not Kindly check here -

AdSense eligibility checker