Get Google AdSense Approval: The Ultimate Guide to AdSense success

July 5th 2024 503 views • 2 comments

So, you’ve heard about the sweet, sweet internet cash flowing in from Google AdSense, and you want a piece of that pie? Well, my friend, you've landed on the right page! Let's walk you through the mystical, often misunderstood journey to AdSense approval. Believe it or not, it's easier than assembling an IKEA coffee table, and there are fewer leftover screws!

The Golden Criteria for AdSense Approval

To get Google AdSense to sprinkle those revenue dollars upon you, your website needs to be top-notch. Think of it like trying to impress a date but with less cologne and more quality content.

1. Domain Age

Your domain can't be a toddler in the internet world. Generally, it should be at least 6 months old, though this can vary by region.

2. Domain Authority

Just like a stern librarian, your site needs some authority. Over time, as your site earns backlinks (the good kind, not the shady alley ones), your domain authority increases.

3. Page Authority

Each specific page on your website should also ooze authority. Google likes influential pages—think of them as the superheroes of your domain.

4. Backlinks

It's all about the web connections. The more legit websites linking back to yours, the better Google thinks you are. Isn’t it all about who you know?

5. Indexed Pages

These are the pages Google has decided are worthy of appearing in search results. If they’re good enough for Google, they're good enough for AdSense.

6. Essential Pages

You need the essentials: About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service. It's like your website wearing a tuxedo to the prom—Google likes formalities.

7. Website Traffic

Not to sound like a hipster, but Google prefers sites with a significant amount of genuine traffic. No need to buy fake visitors from the dark web!

8. Website Speed

If your site loads slower than a snail in molasses, Google’s going to swipe left. Fast loading times keep the bounce rates low.

9. Mobile Friendly

Our pint-sized devices rule the world. Make sure your site looks fab on mobiles; otherwise, you’re missing out big time.


If your site isn’t secure, Google might just send it to internet jail. Get that SSL certificate and keep the padlock icon happy.

The Magic Number: 70%

Okay, here’s the juice: to get Google AdSense's green light, your site needs a score of at least 70%. Think of it like getting a C in college—it's not the best, but it’s passing, and that’s all you need. is your go-to tool for finding out if your site makes the cut. Simply pop in your URL, hit the "Check" button, and—voilà! You’ll see your score along with pointers on where you stand and where you need to tighten the screws.

How Long Does It Take to Get Approved?

The million-dollar question. If your site matches all these conditions, the AdSense approval time is generally on the shorter side. But if your site needs some TLC, then you may be waiting a bit longer. Quality content, user-friendly layout, and high engagement can speed this process up considerably.

Step-by-Step Guide to Get AdSense Approved

Step 1: Content is King

Write high-quality, unique content that provides value. Avoid clickbait; Google’s smarter than your average bear.

Step 2: Design Matters

A clean, user-friendly layout is crucial. If your site looks like a 90s Geocities page, time for a makeover.

Step 3: Build Backlinks

Get backlinks from reputable sites. Networking is key here!

Step 4: Optimize for Speed

Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to make sure your site doesn’t lag.

Step 5: Be Mobile-Friendly

Test your site on different devices. If it’s smooth on mobile, you’re halfway there.

Step 6: Secure Your Site

Invest in an SSL certificate and make sure your site runs on HTTPS.

Step 7: Sign Up for AdSense

Once you believe your site is up to the mark, sign up for AdSense. Fill out all the necessary details, and let Google do its thing.

Step 8: Be Patient

After submitting, sit back and maybe watch some funny cat videos to pass the time. Google will get back to you!

Final Thoughts: AdSense Awesomeness

Getting AdSense approval can seem like battling a Hydra, but with the right approach, you’ll slay it. Keep producing top-tier content, maintain a user-friendly site, and make sure you’re ticking all the boxes we discussed.

And remember, if you’re ever in doubt or just want to see how you're faring before applying, give a whirl. May the ad revenue be ever in your favor!

That was helpful thanks. Btw, do you guys provide any paid suggestion or adsense approval service on the platform?

I think we should try that feature. I'll work on something like that within this forum.