Web Story Checker

Instantly check if your Web Story is optimized and valid for Discover, and know what to fix.

What is Web Story Checker?

Web Story Checker is a tool that helps you to check your web story for common errors, AMP validation errors, and best practices.

Use it to validate your web story before publishing it to ensure that it is valid and will rank well in search engines.

What are web stories?

Web stories are a new type of web page that is optimized for mobile devices and designed to be fast, engaging, and immersive.

They are built with AMP and can be published on the web, in apps, and in search results. Google Search and Google Discover are already showing web stories in search results.

Why are web stories future of content consumption?

Web stories allows you to tell stories in a new way. They are fast, interactive, and immersive. They are designed to be consumed on mobile devices and are optimized for mobile search.

Filled with rich media, web stories are a great way to tell stories and engage your audience. They are also a great way to reach new audiences and drive traffic to your website.

As audience consumption habits change, web stories are the future of content consumption, they want to consume content in an interactive and immersive way in lightening fast speed, and web stories allows them to do that.