Why your Google AdSense might not be approved & ways to overcome it in 2024

January 30th 2024 512 views • 0 comments
codie a month ago

Getting Google AdSense approval isn’t easy. Here’s why it might not be approved:

  • Not Enough Content: Google needs lots of high-quality material. Just a few articles may not be enough.

  • Breaking Google’s Rules: This includes going against their webmaster quality tips or using someone else’s content without permission.

  • Complicated Layout: A messy website that's hard to navigate doesn’t live up to Google’s user-friendly standards.

Here's how you can fix these issues in 2024:

  • Enhance your content: Share unique, well-written articles on your site regularly.

  • Follow Google's rules: Make sure your website does not engage in any underhanded or illegal practices.

  • Make your site user-friendly: Ensure it's easy to navigate, loads quickly, and works well on mobile devices.

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