What could be best and quickest stack for indie developers in 2024?

February 2nd 2024 378 views • 1 comments
pancho 23 days ago

Hey developers. I am planning to develop a simple quick content publish platform that does some AI stuff on the backend, and needs basic auth and permissions, while developing it quickly, what could be best quickest and easiest possible stack for me? Phoenix Framework, SvelteKit/Postgresql or Django/Python?

codie 22 days ago

Well, that's quite an username. To be honest, fair and biased, it's either SvelteKit/Postgresql or Django with SvelteKit. We (basically me alone, just sounds cool using 'we') developed this forum using Django with SvelteKit. I would really suggest that.

And for Phoenix, it's really an awesome framework, you can also go with that. It's fast, but if you're fine with elixir, go with it.

To be concrete, Django (with Django Ninja or Djapy) and SvelteKit. Done.