Tips and Experiences: Getting Google AdSense Approval for Bangla News Sites

May 14th 2024 510 views • 0 comments
Saymah 11 days ago

Hello everyone,

I’m starting this thread to focus on a topic that I believe many of us here are interested in: Getting Google AdSense approval for Bangla news websites. As many of you might be aware, obtaining AdSense approval can be particularly challenging for news sites, and even more so when the content is in Bangla like

Why is it challenging?

  • Language Support: While Bangla is a supported language by Google AdSense, the nuances of local dialects and compliance with content guidelines can be complex.

  • Content Requirements: News websites have dynamic content, which makes it hard to maintain the consistency in quality and compliance that Google demands.

  • Navigating Policies: Google has strict policies regarding content and traffic sources, which can be a minefield for any news-oriented website.

What I’m looking for:

  • Personal Experiences: If you've gone through the AdSense approval process for your Bangla news site, what was your approach? Were there specific challenges you faced because of the language or the nature of news reporting?

  • Advice and Strategies: Tips on aligning a Bangla news site with Google’s AdSense policies. How do you ensure your content is compliant? What about SEO strategies specific to Bangla content?

  • Resource Sharing: Any guides, tools, or resources that you found invaluable during your application process.

The goal here is to build a comprehensive guide that can help not just me but many others who are either planning to apply or struggling with their current applications. Whether it's about tweaking your content strategy, enhancing site structure, or ensuring compliance with legal requirements, every piece