Django and SvelteKit together: Full reactivity, auth, flash messages and SaaS; Svelte5 template

July 1st 2024 64 views • 2 comments

Alright folks, let's cut the crap. We know web dev can be a brutal grind. Django for the backend, SvelteKit for the frontend—sounds perfect, until you try to make them work together. Endless configs, dependencies throwing tantrums, and a heap of wasted nights.

Pain In The Ass? Let’s Fix It 🎯

We’ve all been there:

  • Backend Ready: Django's solid, backend is rolling.

  • Frontend Dream: SvelteKit is ready to dazzle.

  • Reality: Integration is a flaming dumpster fire. 🔥

Enter Django Svelte Template 🦸‍♂️

Screw the headaches. This template is your knight in shining armor. Pre-configured, smooth as butter. Clone it, run it, done.

🚀 Getting Shit Done

Clone the Repo

git clone [email protected]:Bishwas-py/django-svelte-template.git

Fire Up Django Backend

cd django_backend
python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
python migrate
python runserver

Spin Up SvelteKit

cd svelte_frontend
npm install
npm run dev

Set .env:


Boom! You’ve got a working todo app to play with.

Why Use This?

Backend Power:

  • Django: Steady and reliable.

  • Djapy: Enhanced validation, swagger in dark-mode.

  • DjangoKit: Smooth Django-SvelteKit integration.

Frontend Magic:

  • Svelte 5: Reactive, quick.

  • @friendofsvelte/django-kit: Seamless connection to Django.

  • Tailwind CSS: Style without the hassle.


  • Auto Flash Messages: Toasts on errors, no sweat.

  • Form Handling: Handling & validation, out of the box.

  • Notifier Store: Easy to use toast notifications.

Why Give a Damn?

  • Plug and Play: No more setup nightmares.

  • Full-Featured: A ready-to-use todo app to kickstart your project.

  • Seamless Integration: Django and SvelteKit are besties here.

Ready To Roll? 🏎️💨

Head to the repo, fork it, clone it, and start building. No more late nights swearing at broken builds. Just smooth, painless dev.

Let's code smarter, not harder. 🌟

Contributions are welcomed!