NFT Name Generator

An online tool to generate NFT names that are unique and catchy.

What is NFT Name Generator?

Generating unique, catchy and cool NFT names for your collection would be a tedious task. So, we have created this tool to help you generate unique names for your NFT collection. As the tool's name says, it generates names for NFTs.

How to use NFT Name Generator?

It's very simple to use. Just choose the type of NFT you want to generate a name for, and the tool will generate a unique name for you.

This tool provides Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Catchy, Cool, Creative and Powerful categories for NFT names. Within the Fantasy category, you can choose more 6 different types of names' ccategory. All together it's 12 different categories.

How do I choose a NFT name?

Choosing a name for your NFT is very important. You should choose a name that is unique, catchy and cool. A good NFT name should be easy to remember and pronounce. It should also be short and simple.

Do not choose a name that is existing in the real world. It should be unique and creative. Remember, the name of your NFT is the first thing that people will see. So, choose a name that is memorable and easy to pronounce.

Do NFT names really matter?

Yes, NFT names really matter. A good NFT name can make your NFT stand out from the crowd. It can also help you sell your NFTs faster.

Why are NFT creators so obsessed with monkeys and apes?

Monkeys and apes are very popular in the NFT world. They are often used as avatars for NFTs. This is because they are cute and adorable. They are also very popular in the real world. So, it makes sense to use them as avatars for NFTs.

But even if creators don't like monkeys and apes, they still prefer to use them as avatars for their NFTs. This is because they are the hype right now.